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Fund Processing

In this section you can find various materials that the IMA and others have published to promote and facilitate greater standardisation, automation and improved operational efficiency when dealing with authorised investment funds.

Model documentation

Fund Processing Passport 

The Fund Processing Passport (FPP) provides reference information concerning a number of funds, primarily to assist financial institutions when they need to deal in units. The IMA has established a central repository for FPPs in the UK, which fund managers have been invited to populate with FPPs for their funds. 

The repository can be searched and individual FPPs downloaded using the  FPP search engine.  

Guidance and other publications

ISO 20022 message implementation - UK Funds Market Practice Group

In line with its global parent Securities Market Practice Group, the UKFMPG is now publishing all new message implementation guidelines vie the SWIFT MyStandards platform.  Access to the guidelines marked as such requires a MyStandards account, which can be created by anyone free of charge.  Further details may be found using the "MyStandards Read Me First" link below.  The others are contained in ZIP files, which may be downloaded from this page.


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