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The IMA and the Industry

Our purpose

The IMA’s purpose is to ensure investment managers are in the best possible position to:

  • Build people’s resilience to financial adversity
  • Help people achieve their financial aspirations
  • Enable people to maintain a decent standard of living as they grow older
  • Contribute to economic growth through the efficient allocation of capital

About the IMA

The Investment Management Association (IMA) represents the UK investment management industry. Our members manage over £5 trillion of assets on behalf of UK and overseas clients.

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About the industry

Serving many millions of clients... If you have a pension, stocks and shares ISA, unit trust or life assurance policy, for example, your money is being looked after by the investment management industry. The industry invests its clients' money across a broad range of asset classes and products, including equity, bond, property, money market and hedge funds.

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Chief Executive Blog

The future of investment research

The IMA has responded to the ESMA consultation on MiFID II in relation to the proposal to impose substantial restrictions on the use of dealing commissions to pay for investment research from January 2017.

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Join IMA

There are many benefits to joining the IMA, including the opportunity to share in the strategic thinking about the industry’s future and access to a wide range of information and updates, as well as access to the IMA’s expert staff.

Membership of the IMA is open to firms which are involved in investment management in the UK – either for those that undertake investment management (full membership) or to companies that provide facilities or services to them (affiliate membership).

Details on membership

Fund processing

The IMA publishes a range of materials to help fund management firms improve their operational efficiency.  These include Model Documentation and guidance from the IMA and other organisations on operational and processing issues.

Further information

Training and Careers

IMA runs induction courses, workshops and seminars.  It provides access to information on careers and qualifications and supports Investment 2020, a trainee programme providing job opportunities for school leavers and recent graduates.

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Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

The IMA is one of the three UK country sponsors of GIPS along with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF).  More information regarding GIPS and the UK Investment Performance Committee’s work can be found here.

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